Garcinia is a plant evolved from the plant family Clusiaceae (Scientific name) which is derived from the plant Genus and is popular known for its medicinal quality. The species of this plant are consumed by their local countrymen, which is cultivated throughout the respective country and they are shrubs and trees that remain evergreen, and their fruit is berry and fleshy which are delicious in taste. The fruit of this species is found locally in Asia, tropical and southern Africa and Australia and few parts of Indonesia.

Garcinia comes with several names like Garcinia Cambogia, Garcinia gummi-guta. HCA is a chemical compound of the Garcinia fruit which has been consumed by multiple generations without experiencing any hard side effects. On buying this supplement, you get the HCA extract from the Garcinia fruit which is accountable for all its benefits like weight loss and all its healthy effects.


If you buy this supplement from a company which is not trustworthy, they may fill this product with artificial additives and extra drugs like caffeine in order to save money and boost the weight loss potential thus leaving some hard side effects.


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The suitable and appropriate dose of Garcinia depends on assorted factors based on determinant like the person's age, health and other factors. Despite of the  fact that natural products are very safe and potent in use and its dosages may vary depending on the person's health conditions, before using this product you need to make sure that you follow the Garcinia product's applicable directions as labeled by the product and consult your physician or any other pharmacist or the healthcare professionals for your long-term safety.